billing software for mental health professionals

Stay on top of your billing, productivity, and track your performance. Measure key performance indicators to ensure that you are achieving your revenue goals. Refine clinical decision making through the digital collection and display of screening results from HAM-A, PCL-5, PHQ-9 and GAD-7 forms that can be captured directly into your patient’s chart. According to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), practices employing ONC-ATCB-certified EHRs are eligible for promoting interoperability programs — Medicaid and Medicare federal incentives. It encouraged practices to adopt certified EHRs to help maximize reimbursements.

For mental health professionals, patients’ needs come first—and that may mean that administrative and organizational tasks take a back seat. Built with dedicated features, like the interactive whiteboard and in-session notes, to serve mental health providers and their clients. Psyquel Solutions is your best bet when it comes to billing software for mental health professionals. With over 20 years of experience in the mental health sector, we’re delighted to have played a role in the growth of thousands of mental health clinics and psychologist services in every area of the country. Thousands of dollars could be lost due to a single HIPAA violation.

Mental Health Therapist Software: Billing, Scheduling and Practice Management

Even one HIPAA slip-up could cost your practice thousands of dollars. But with a secure, cloud-based EMR like Kareo, you can rest easy knowing your patient data is safe. If you’re a physician provider or a psychiatrist, select a plan that’s right for your practice. If you submit fewer than 50 claims per month, you are eligible for a low-volume mental health billing discount. Reduce manual data entry errors and eliminate redundant steps throughout your patient intake process, ensuring that critical patient information is captured prior to their appointment. Get visibility into the health of your practice with a comprehensive dashboard which includes a return on investment (ROI) calculator.

billing software for mental health professionals

Our industry-leading invoicing clearly and intelligently separates the patient side from the insurer side. Our practice management tools are designed specifically for the needs of a mental health practice to streamline many aspects of your administrative workflow. With automation across all our technologies you get a unified workflow experience for every role of your behavioral medicine practice. Running a mental health practice requires a combination of clinical expertise and administrative skills, which are two areas that can be difficult to balance.

How to Read Mental Health Eligibility Verification Data

Just over one-third of users (37%) wished the platform were more affordable, followed by 17% of therapists who found the customer service not helpful or accessible. That compares to a base fee of $39-$59/mo for SimplePractice and $49-$59/mo for TherapyNotes — and that’s before additional fees for claims processing, credit card fees, and added features like tele-therapy. Read on for our honest, firsthand insight into the most popular tools, including which features therapists appreciate the most, their dream features, and real talk on cost, ease of use, and integration. Let us show you how easy it is to write notes and prescriptions, code encounters, and manage patients in our fully integrated, cloud-based EHR.

Credentialing We at DENmaar understand the frustration that comes with the process of credentialing, and thus help provide you the best insurance credentialing services that assist you throughout this arduously long process. We can help get your facility, group practice and provider’s in-network with insurance panels as quickly as possible. With the rise of social media, information on mental health is now more available than ever. This has opened the door for clients to educate themselves online, and in some cases, to identify with a specific diagnosis before seeking care.


That’s why focusing on improving patients’ health care journeys is essential. Sometimes a patient’s change in coverage needs to be updated before a visit is completed. Billing software helps to maintain updated patient billing information with insurance and eligibility verification before every visit. Coordinate treatment and case management seamlessly, with our integrated scheduling and calendar features to keep your entire team on track. Stay on track to meet regulatory requirements, with expertise from our team’s wide experience in the mental healthcare world. Coordinate counseling, clinical treatment, and rehabilitation through easy-to-use scheduling, progress notes, and medication features.

With our powerful and intuitive features, you can spend less time thinking about billing and more time taking care of your patients’ needs. Millin has provided RCM solutions for substance use providers since 1982. About 15 years ago, we doubled down on our promise to provide the best solution on the market and created our own, homegrown MillinPro billing software. By doubling-down on billing and RCM services, we established ourselves as the experts within the substance use arena in New York. SimplePractice assists group and solo practices in handling tasks including, but not limited to, scheduling, patient rooming, reporting and messaging. You can send intake forms via the client portal, where patients can review, sign and make payments digitally.

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Our survey was sent to over 500 therapists in the Zencare network in New York City, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts from January 18 to January 21, 2019. Our analysis was conducted on the 102 responses we received from providers. You can add additional users to the account who support that provider.

Almost half of Boston therapists showed their allegiance to SimplePractice (45%), followed by Office Ally (20%), offline/paper-based (15%), and TherapyNotes (10%). For NYC therapists, SimplePractice won over a third of therapists (37%), followed by offline/paper-based (16%), Office Ally (14%), and TherapyNotes (9%). TherapyNotes, on the other hand, may not have an app (yet!), but users seem pleased with the overall product.

About Millin and Its Proprietary Substance Use Software

You will also be assigned an experienced customer service representative when using our service, just to ensure you’re getting concierge service every step of the way. Millin’s innovative substance use treatment billing platform is particularly designed to meet the needs of professional mental and behavioral health billers. A strict rules engine and structured groundwork lay the foundation for the varied features and benefits of the software and billing workflow.

If your clinicians don’t feel comfortable using the system, it’s not likely to offer much of a benefit to your organization. You should also follow HIPAA guidelines and ICD standards to avoid federal penalties. You can integrate with medical compliance software to protect confidential data. It’s important to note that mental health issues can give birth to behavioral changes too. Analytic functions aid you in tracking changes over time via the dashboard. They encourage you to produce financial and operational reports to evaluate your practice’s performance.


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