Hange apprehends Mikasa, carrying the lady straight back since the Levi makes the injection getting Erwin

Hange will come with Levi’s squad to see Eren’s class, however, discovers Mikasa wanting to discount brand new Titan injection out of Levi to make certain that she will make use of it to keep Armin, even with Levi’s choice to save yourself Erwin. Hange tries to convince her one humanity requires Erwin to-be conserved, detailing which they nonetheless wanted Erwin’s frontrunners.

Hange informs Mikasa which they along with want to restore some one, and you may says to Mikasa that everyone should hang up later on, insisting that they need to move on. Levi decides to move forward that have protecting Erwin and you may Hange takes Mikasa and you can clears new roof which have everyone else. not, when Levi regroups using them, he returns with Erwin, that have picked to store Armin. The guy swears kupony love ru in order to Erwin that he usually kill the Beast Titan, but Hange notes you to definitely Erwin has already died. [9]

Afterwards, the new nine thriving Scouts are given a medal out of prize in the type of a dark bolo wrap with the wings of liberty inside it

Once Armin awakens atop the brand new Wall, Hange together with anyone else regroup to him and you may go over this new state throughout the past four hours while the past race. Hange cards that they experienced Erwin must have resided also, however, concedes that there is little a whole lot more to state about their latest disease, and they and you will Armin would need to continue in the Erwin’s stead.

Hange accompanies Levi, Mikasa and you can Eren with the Jaeger family. Once controlling to enter this new basement it note that initially glance, it looks like the common office. Speculating that it was designed to browse basic, brand new four lookup and you can see a tiny keyhole quietly of your own desk that fits Eren’s trick. It shows a tiny, blank pantry and this Levi finds out an untrue base when you look at the. Underneath are about three books, and you may together Eren and you may Mikasa open the original guide and acquire some report to the. Though it appears to be a drawing at first, it remember that it seems too sensible. On the back of your visualize it see an email out of Grisha, stating that the picture try good “photograph” hence humanity hasn’t been damaged beyond the walls. [40]

Hange touches Levi and you will Armin inside the going to Eren and Mikasa from inside the jail, declaring you to its sentence has been slashed small. The team match that have Historia to talk to their, in advance of ending up in most other army commanders and you can officials to discuss the present expedition, brand new guides, while the grand loss of life. Hange informs the latest officials on what was discover regarding guides, discussing their part given that Subjects of Ymir, as well as how he or she is being hunted by someone else for a change governing the world and achieving the potential to rule they again. [41] Even with questions out of revealing this post to your people of the Wall space, it is felt like that they’re going to declare its conclusions on the somebody.

Months later on, the fresh Scout Routine once more options outside of Wall Maria towards the a journey the very first time within the half dozen many years. Sooner or later they are available with the contact with an excellent Titan that’s not able to walk and you can follow the walk leftover because of the their running until it get to the side of Paradis Area. Here, this new Scouts experience the sea for the first time. The latest troops dismount the horses, retract their pant foot and step into liquids during the wonder. Hange is really enthusiastic about the fresh new advancement of one’s ocean and their scientific well worth. [42]

Marley arch

Approximately annually pursuing the retaking from Wall Maria, Hange provides this new Scouts with the coastline out-of Paradis Area to help you guard the brand new coast off Marleyan interference. Hange and you will Levi take an effective soldier regarding improve class of the first questionnaire fleet, to use due to the fact an excellent hostage. Given that Eren’s Titan overpowers and you will coastlines the newest fleet’s chief motorboat, Hange embraces the latest Marleyan troops while offering him or her beverage. Brand new head refuses and gives his troops the order in order to flame; but not, another soldier named Yelena propels new head dead and you will believes to the fresh invite.


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