Meena Jutla ‘s the sibling of Manpreet Sharma and you can ex-partner away from David Metcalfe and you will Billy Fletcher

1991-2020: Prior

Born 23rd February 1991, in the Meena’s very early many years she loved her much elderly brother Manpreet, however Manpreet try possibly jealous away from how effortless this lady sis got they, while the Manpreet had to benefit everything you when you’re Meena had everything given so you can this lady. Meena became estranged from Manpreet shortly after she slept which have Manpreet’s partner Dennis, but not Meena debated you to she performed so it therefore Manpreet would realize Dennis try a swindle.

Will eventually, Meena married a man named Jeremy. Jeremy after destroyed his occupations in addition to couple sustained to economically, to help with their funds issues Meena got work on your neighborhood surgery, yet not Jeremy felt upset you to his partner did not believe him to economically get well in which he separated her.

Meena spent some time working next to a woman titled Nadine Butler and you can Meena experienced that they was family unit members. Meena don’t believe Nadines family plus one day whenever Nadine try said to be to the a health spa big date with her top household members Meena gassed Nadines automobile, killing the woman. Meena would afterwards give individuals who Nadine the full time committing geek2geek-coupons suicide.

2020-2021: Arrival

Meena basic starred in as a consumer of Hide Restaurant, where she flirted with Billy Fletcher, much so you can Billy’s old boyfriend Beginning Taylors displeasure. Meena subscribes in order to Billy’s fitness kinds and immediately after Beginning catches the pair kissing a disagreement assures and Beginning attacks Meena that have good pepper shaker. Rishi Sharma witnesses this altercation and you can rushes off to help, he is with Manpreet Sharma that is surprised observe this lady sis regarding the town and Manpreet instantaneously tells Meena in order to get-off. When Meena shows up within Holdgate Farm, Manpreet conveys shock on exactly how Meena was able to discover this lady, Manpreet is further disgusted of the Meena when she shows that she known as cops with the Beginning. Whenever Tracy Metcalfe faces Meena regarding failing to pay their expenses to possess this lady remain at the newest BB, she claims you to definitely she has specific activities acquiring the money, Rishi overhears and you can settles the bill to own Meena, Tracy as well as warns Meena not to restrict Beginning and you will Billy.

After that, Rishi encourages Meena to come home with your, at your home Rishi requires Meena why Manpreet slashed their off her existence, before Meena normally answer, Manpreet comes on the view and you will demonstrates Meena slept that have their partner Dennis, Meena states you to definitely Manpreet’s basic partner is always cheating on her behalf thus she did this therefore Manpreet would realize his real colour, nevertheless separation been Manpreet’s shopping addiction and therefore got her into major personal debt. Meena claims you to definitely she has not always got simple to use sometimes, just like the whenever the woman old boyfriend-husband lost his business she started to work with nearby businesses, however the woman ex-partner envision so it implied Meena did not have trust he do get another jobs, thus he remaining the lady. Meena confided for the Rishi that she had no domestic, zero spouse without employment, she indicated that she stop the girl past business because the a nurse whenever an employee generated numerous problems regarding the this lady to own incorrect actions, she told Rishi to not ever give Manpreet.

When Rishi learned that the regional operations requisite a nursing assistant, the guy called Dr Liam Cavanagh to meet up Meena on Woolpack to see was she suitable for the career. Manpreet is shocked you to definitely the lady aunt was operating alongside their and you can gets Rishi to reveal so you’re able to their throughout the as to why Meena leftover the woman earlier in the day occupations. Meena goes to brand new restaurant become questioned by the Liam and you will Manpreet, although not, the fresh interview comes to an end too rapidly given that Manpreet renders snide statements so you’re able to Meena through the. When Manpreet productivity home, she finds out Meena looking to collect sympathy out of Rishi, Manpreet informs Meena to stay off this lady partner and you may domestic. If you’re within David’s Shop, Meena gets messaging so you’re able to David Metcalfe whom encourages her becoming the higher individual and make contact with Manpreet to help you apologise, Manpreet relates to the store getting a coffees having Meena, just like the sisters appear to be putting the differences away, David interjects praising Meena to possess after the his recommendations and stay this new larger people, this leads to Manpreet so you can violent storm away appalled one to Meena might have been making an application for the fresh villagers to show facing her.


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