Annie reluctantly believes ahead of wear a ring and you will escorting her or him to a place in which they may <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">cosas para saber al salir con un popular</a> be able hide

Though Annie attempts to react, she actually starts to get overloaded of the barrage away from attacks inflicted of the Levi, allowing your to incapacitate this lady if you are wearing the ability to slice this lady Titan form’s mouth area and conserve Eren from within prior to retreating

Annie systematically kills Eld Jinn, Petra Ral, and you will Oluo Bozado, leading to Eren to turn as well as fundamentally take part the lady within his Titan mode. Both initiate a raw fight having fun with hand-to-hands handle processes, at the end of and this Annie succeeds during the debilitating Eren’s Titan means by decapitating it. [82] She catches Eren from inside the throat regarding this lady Female Titan form and you will begins to flee. Mikasa offers chase, consistently attacking this lady from inside the a complement regarding rage and you can Levi soon comes to assist the girl. [83]

Armin fires a rule, causing Survey Corps participants in order to arise and you can hold back Annie

Sometime afterwards, Annie awakens inside her room throughout the Stohess Area regarding Wall structure Sheena. [84] She along with her fellow first timers are given an assignment to guard a study Corps convoy with permission to utilize the straight maneuvering devices. Following departing on her behalf task, Armin methods her and you may requests for help in concealing Eren up to they are able to convince the new King to better include brand new Structure.

Whenever Eren and you may Armin just be sure to convince her to participate him or her from inside the a belowground passageway, she says one she is also terrified. As Eren and you will Armin consistently plea having Annie to become listed on him or her and you can show by herself innocent, Mikasa openly accuses so you can Annie once the Female Titan, taunting her to battle much like the a couple had battled before. Acknowledging you to this lady has been discovered away, Annie smiles from inside the save [85] and you can praises Armin in order to have cornered the girl. Seemingly caught and you will immobile, she still manages to movie the woman thumb to start a small blade hidden inside her band, which she spends in order to injury herself and you may changes with the her Ladies Titan function, destroying those people restraining the girl in the act. [86]

Annie stomps through the underground, eliminating specific soldiers and you can clogging Eren, Armin, and you will Mikasa’s refrain path. [87] Eren after that transforms on the his Titan function to stand the female Titan. During their battle, they kill individuals for the chapel except Minister Nick as well as 2 other priests. [88] [89] Annie upcoming takes journey to your Wall Sheena, that have Eren, Mikasa, and many soldiers in journey. The new chase continues on up until Annie has reached a flat homes with no buildings, pushing the fresh troops and you can Mikasa when deciding to take a lengthy detour when you are Eren gets pursue alone. [90] Annie uses which chance of a final test from the trapping Eren. A quick strive between the two of these arises, when she gains top of the hands once more, however, does not grab him of the Survey Corps’ input. [91]

She refocuses her operate towards the trying avoid, trying as well rise more Wall Sheena. not, Mikasa cuts of every fingers out-of Annie’s Females Titan means, ultimately causing Annie to get rid of the lady grip into the Wall. [92] Given that she drops, Annie recalls this lady dad apologizing so you can this lady when it comes down to strict knowledge pressed abreast of the girl and you will instructing their to return domestic you to definitely big date. Eren, inside the Titan function, keeps down her Titan because soldiers you will need to pull Annie. Up on interacting with the girl throughout the nape, they discover that Annie is very sealed into the what appears to become a durable crystal. [93]

When you are Annie is actually caught up for the crystal, Hange Zoe commands both Armed forces Police Brigade and people of one’s Questionnaire Corps while making a cable online, wrap the lady up, and flow the girl underground. [94] Regarding the wake, Hange conducts a background check into Annie, revealing that she’s got a last having Reiner Braun and you will Bertolt Hoover, just who fall into uncertainty because the the woman accomplices. [95]


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